• Container gardens for your home and patio

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  • What we do

    Rock Top Succulents designs lush tabletop gardens held in unique containers for both your indoor and outdoor living spaces




    Natural and Reclaimed Materials

    • Some of our containers are made of reclaimed redwood, found wood, repurposed thrift store items, and hypertufa
    • Both our soil and hypertufa mix uses rapidly renewable coconut fiber, rather than peat moss (which has an environmentally damaging harvest) 

    Easy Care

    Succulents retain water in their fleshy leaves and so are naturally drought tolerant. It is important they are allowed to dry out completely between watering, with indoor containers only needing water approximately once every week or two. Outdoor arrangements shouldn't require extra watering if placed in partial sun where rain water will hit them, except during excessive heat or drought. Our succulent arrangements will be happiest in 2-5 hours of direct sunlight a day. 


    We now offer a large selection of tiny dinosaur figures to create a prehistoric scene in your purchase! 


    Rock Top Succulents offers both cold hardy and tender indoor succulents in our arrangements. All containers are able to be placed outside during the summer. When fall begins, you can bring the tender succulents inside and plant the cold hardy varieties in your yard to come back the next year. Get in touch with us if you are wondering whether your purchase is cold hardy or not!

  • About Us

    Rock Top Succulents is a woman-owned business based in the Starkweather neighborhood on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. 

  • Where can I buy?

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